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I’m so glad you came over. This is a great group and we have very interesting discussions. But what I think you will find is that even though we all don’t always agree, we keep it respectful and I have found everyone here open to listening to what others say, and then responding thoughtfully. I know I have learned a lot from everyone here, probably the most from those who come at things from a different perspective. If you read some other threads you’ll find we sometimes refer to ourselves as the “Pushy Bitches” but it’s meant in a good way as in the posters here are strong women who respect ourselves and others and who are willing to put ourselves out there for what we believe in.

As I have said before, I find the obsessive personal attention paid to Sam on Twitter to be very uncomfortable. I don’t quite get how following Sam’s tweets translates to having a personal relationship that allows a fan to say whatever they please to and about him, but that seems to be a pretty widespread perception out on the Twitterverse. Maybe it’s my sense of boundaries and privacy that I would want for myself that makes me feel that way. Maybe Sam and Starz subscribe to the theory that any publicity is good publicity and Sam just ignores the stuff that is in poor taste. He is an adult and can take care of himself – as pointed out he can say to the fans that there are limits as did Steve Amell. Or, he can mute the fans who offend so he won’t even see their tweets. They won’t know and he doesn’t have to see it – maybe he does that.

My concern is that as a woman I hate hate HATE to see other women perpetuating the behavior that we call men out on. If we don’t want to be treated that way, or want our daughters to be treated that way, then we cannot turn around and do the same thing to men. That right there, demolishes our arguments against the behavior. If we expect men to treat us with respect than we must do the same to them. That is the crux of why I believe it needs to be called out when we see it happening.

The other thing I see happening in the fandom that I really dislike is the competition among fans to be recognized by the actors and/or those associated with the show. I feel like there are those fans who actively pursue the OL team’s notice by responding to every single tweet Sam, or Cait, or Terry, or Diana, or Matt Roberts, or whoever, makes, no matter what the subject and the fans actual interest in it. Then, when the object of their response favorites or responds back, there is a public jubilation ceremony to make sure everyone knows about it. Hello, the people you are tweeting to are people like you. Very talented and nice people, but they aren’t any better than that friend you’ve known for 20 years who is a stay at home mom, or maybe a hard working professional in some non glamourous profession. If you have a real interest in common with them then go for it ( e.g the costumers and knitters who want to converse with Terry for the sake of her techincal knowledge and her willingness to share it with them, not just because she is the costume designer for OL).

Maybe this topic also needs it’s own thread because I seem to see this happening more and more and I’ve been in a fandom that was pretty much torn apart by fan wars. I don’t want to see that happen in OL and things can get out of hand really fast if left unchecked. There are already several fan sites I won’t go near with a ten foot pole and people I have blocked on Twitter. Maybe that’s the nature of a fandom that is so large – there will be divisions and various sites for people who have different beliefs or reasons for being there but there needs to be a mutual respect among fans for those who have a different viewpoint and a common agreement that attacks on those who think differently will not be tolerated by anyone.

So that’s my soapbox for the day. Thanks for putting up with me.

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