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[quote quote=5995]I was a little hesitant to come over, because I didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable. But I heard that this was warm group of fans…so here I am. Please let me start by saying that I am glad that not everyone agrees with me…geez, that would be boring. Also, I am fully aware that I can be preachy, my kids tell me that on a nearly daily basis. I am working on that. (It has been one of my New Years’ resolutions for at least 25 years.) And finally, I have met some amazing and very respectful fans, and (yes) I realize that the are in the majority. [/quote]

I’m glad that you came over to join the discussion. It’s great to have new perspectives to add to our, sometimes strange (seriously, we’ve discussed nipple hair), discussions.

I know that it doesn’t need to be said, but I’m playing Capt. Obvious today…these issues aren’t just about behavior towards the male cast members but the entire crew.

Is anyone else disgusted with the lack of tact that happens when anyone OL tweets something, then the flood of “look at me…look at me” tweets start to fill up the replies…replies that have nothing to do with the initial tweet? There have been so many occasions that I’ve refrained from responding at all to avoid being lumped in with the “attention” tweets. I know that’s just part of social media, and a huge reason I left facebook.

I’m terrified that I’ll look back at this moment in my Fandom history, and feel the way I do about my time in the Twilight fandom. I met some great people, then things got weird, and then even weirder…then I started asking myself why I actually enjoyed the books to start with. Someone mentioned the etymology of the word fan being fanatic…and well…that really is an accurate explanation for the issues that have brought about this discussion. I’m determined to keep my participation in fandom positive and productive, and appreciate everyone here for doing the same.

I’m doubly grateful for Connie’s input towards Terri’s blog post, because it was said in a very respectful way to remind us that it is even more important for our critical discussion to be inclusive and open to debate if we want to make a positive impact on the issues at hand. That is not to say that I expect everyone here to be a part of any social movement, but that being critical of how we respond to negative or hurtful behavior can be the great equalizer in this discussion.

So I guess this is my ” I love you guys ” post. /group hug

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