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I am stubborn and very late to social media of any form. My daughter encouraged me to join twitter because I was so excited that Outlander was going to be made into a series. I have been a bit taken aback by some of the comments and actions that have been described in this blog directed to the men of Outlander. However, having read through texts, snapchats, youtube videos, vines and twitters that my 22 year old son and 14 year old daughter are exposed to…I am trying to put all of this in perspective. I am a health care attorney and I give annual presentations on the pitfalls of our modern forms of communication. Remember when we would take time to compose a thoughtful letter? In the age of e-mails, texts, tweets etc. we can lose our manners, professionalism, and good sense. Couple that with the artificial nature of social media and now you have a fandom that has easy access to open twitter pages and is of the opinion that there is a genuine relationship between fan and star. I am not sure what to make of the woman who threw herself under Graham M.’s kilt. Perhaps she was drunk and trying to impress her friends. I am also not sure what to make of DG’s comments to Sam H. but she did indicate in another interview that she has a hard time separating Sam and Jamie (I can’t recall the exact words) but perhaps that explains her comments. As for me, I have to confess that I am guilty of a maternal objectification of Sam and Cait. I don’t like to hear that Cait has to have harsh perms to make her beautiful, straight, silky hair a curly mop…(can’t she just wear a wig) and that Sam H. is downing jars of peanut butter (coffee and nut oils bad for the gall bladder) and lifting to become big Jaimie. My husband has a torn rotator from lifting over the years. Forgive me for sharing my silly, irrational thoughts with just this small group. I promise you that I won’t tweet, vine or snapchat any of this… I know that all the stars of Outlander have family that will worry about the care and keeping of them. I’ll close by commenting that I really think Outlander and the Outlander community are unique. I can’t imagine another series where there is anything akin to Terry’s blog where you can get so close to the costumes, design process, and also have a meaningful discussion about the objectification of the men of Outlander. I have to think that we want to share and protect what is fabulous about Outlander world for very selfish reasons. We want the series to go on and on because it gives us pleasure to watch. My thoughts and my confession.