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Thanks for starting a new thread, Crystal! I’m finding the strange disorder thing to be happening on a bunch of the threads, particularly the big General Discussion one, so this is a welcome development! I posted this not too long ago on the previous thread. I’m just gonna paste it, so I have no idea how it’s going to turn out when formatted:

CelticGlamazon wrote:
I know that I’m not the only one that’s been sickened by some of the things that have been said in the fandom in the past three weeks, and quite frankly it’s made me question my participation in many fandom related events. I’ve even started unfollowing people that are quite active in the fandom because of the innapropriate discourse they’ve been a part of in reference to all things SH. In many ways, my experience is becoming ‘not fun’ because of constantly coming face to face with fans that are making us all look like sex starved predators.

I adore this forum and the potential that Terry has given us here to discuss and enjoy something we all like. Thank you all for being respectful and understanding healthy boundaries while allowing us to keep our own sense of humor.


Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

I will freely admit to a couple of things:
1. I have not read all of the older posts in this thread, and
2. Outlander is my first experience with a fandom.

Those two things said, what resonated with me about tonight’s post, Crystal, is that I have delved into enough of the online expressions of adoration for the books, the show, the actors, the writers, DG, etc., to feel somewhat ashamed to join them. So much of what is out there does make us collectively look like “sex starved predators.” And that is totally not fun — or fair.

Another disclosure: I have two degrees in literature, and while I have always read genre fiction, I have never felt the need to apologize for adoring a book the way that I sometimes feel I have to about Outlander — and not because of the content of the book. I have strong reasons (that I’d be happy to share!) about why I am incredibly grateful to have found Outlander when I did, but I really, really don’t want to associate or be associated with most of the heaving fray of Outlander fans. In fact, to be entirely honest, I’m thrilled to have found the people I see posting here because you all seem so reasonable, smart and thoughtful. As compared to the slavering masses I have seen elsewhere.

I’m rambling, but here’s the cringe-worthy question I have stuck in my head: Why does it feel like it’s almost a given that a majority female fandom like this would tend toward this kind of panting, drooling, desperate behavior?

And here’s a slightly more highbrow one (and I did notice that someone mentioned this way back when upthread, oh, and also in the comments to the link in the original post tonight): Why, when Diana Gabaldon has written a book that turns gender tropes on their heads and is at least partly about the feminist-ization of a character living in a decidedly non-feminist era, would she sit on a stage with the actor who has been hired to portray that character and tell him he has a really nice ass? (For anyone who missed it, 33:23 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IioLJ29C2T8.) I have a lot of respect for DG, but this was not cool. (Then again, I think I could go back and forth for days about the cult of Diana Gabaldon. Anyone wanna start a thread?)