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Reply To: On Objectification of Sam, et al


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Don’t write an article speaking about respect and then imply that the women you are speaking about fantasize about the actor or the character because of the state of their marriage. Think about the comparisons you are making to institutionalized sexism and misogyny and maybe don’t oversimplify those very complex issues in service of your argument. Blanket statements like “Don’t kid yourself, you are part of the problem” are more of a slap on the wrist than a respectful invitation to dialogue.

I’m just a rabid feminist man, and I really wish we would be as respectful of others as we demand. ALL others. Even ones we disagree with, because if we don’t, it will always be us vs. them, where one side gets to be righteous and one is wrong and that’s not a club I want to join. I don’t think in those terms.

Sorry for the soapbox rant. Ya hit me right in the idealism.

I completely agree with you about the second half of the post, and can see how the possible knee-jerk reaction and impact of institutionalized sexism impacted the tone of the article. I know that personally I’ve used my blog outlet to rant about things that I’ve been riled over, and not with the intention to open a dialogue, not that I’m implying that was the author’s intention. I’m sure that the amazing comments made to the post opened up some insightful discussion for many, just as this forum has. Thank you, Connie, for reminding me that it’s just as important to remain aware of the language we use and how it can work against us.

That being said, I wish that I could say that my experience has been nearly 100% positive, because it hasn’t…but that’s probably because I never listen to my own advice to “never read the comments.” <<- except on your recaps…because your followers are friggin’ hilarious.