Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer



The peeing in a pot seemed perfectly normal to me because, until I was 16, I used a chamber pot whenever I visited my grandmother in rural Arkansas. And I’m talking the 1970s-1980s here, and she wasn’t the only one in her community who didn’t have indoor plumbing. We used the outhouse during the day and the chamberpot was only for nighttime. It really isn’t any big deal. There was an enamel pot in every bedroom and if you needed to go, you went. My sister and I shared it and our rule was the last one to use it had to dump it. 🙂 As I read Outlander I didn’t even register those details because I assumed that, being born in the 1920s and being in the War, chamber pots and latrines were normal for Claire too. I think we forget how recent our super-hygenic, super-private modern world really is.