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Ah yes, the peeing into the pots during the wedding night in the book. But… Claire does tell us in the book that growing up with her Uncle Lamb she was used to living in very primitive conditions (didn’t she even say she learned how to dig a latrine as a girl?) and so a lot of the living conditions in the 18th centurty Scottish Highlands didn’t bother her all that much. So I’m thinking that the peeing part may not have been so big a deal to her given her past background. Then again she wasn’t all that well acquainted with Jamie up until that night… but on the other hand there was lots of drinking happening apart from the sex (wine in the book, whisky on the show)so…..


I’m busy butchering HTML tags here, but yes, Barb! It never surprised me that Claire had no trouble with chamber pots in general (neither would I and I did not grow up in primitive environs), but rather that she comments repeatedly on how nervous she and Jamie both are on their wedding night and yet there’s no qualms about taking turns behind the screen. Too lazy to go look up the exact quote, but you know what I mean. I would imagine that would be awkward with any stranger, let alone the one who’s your new young virgin husband.

That said, I forgot about all the wine! That answers everything. 😀