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[quote quote=5921]I asked for and received a book on medicinal herbs for Christmas — loving it! It never occurred to me that the details of day-to-day experience in the 18th century would have a specific appeal to women. Hmm . . . food for thought. (Oh! And the growing/preparing the food! Another fascination.) ;-)[/quote]

What is the title/author of the book that you received and would you recommend it? As a vegetarian and one who eats only organic whenever possible, and who takes modern medicines only when absolutely necessary since I hate putting chemicals into or on my body, I am always looking for information on safe and well tested natural remedies.

A lot of the medical part started with our dog who had injured her leg. The vet wanted to put her on a very strong, questionably safe, medication and after a lot of research and talking to a friend who raises animals and rides show horses, the best remedy turned out to be organic glucosamine and turmeric. Last vet visit he couldn’t believe how well her leg had healed without the very expensive, very dangerous (potentially fatal to some dogs) medication.