Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer



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It is something I was fascinated with as well. I can’t count how many times I thought about cleaning teeth with twig, or the lack of toilet paper. I started growing medicinal herbs and was always slapping poultices on my family when any ailment struck.
And I am always on Ron to show as much of that as possible because that 900 page book is chock a block full of countless details. I think it is a HUGE part of the appeal to women. I think there are the Claire and Jamie relationship junkies, the Jamie junkies, and then those of us who are fascinated by Claire and the idea of being a modern woman dropped into the past. All those delicious details.
Just hard to fit 900 pages of story and dialogue into a television season.

I’m for sure a Claire-and-Jamie-relationship junkie AND someone who is fascinated by all aspects of the story. I really did spend time thinking about poor Claire on her wedding night. She didn’t just have to navigate the very eager Scottish virgin but also had to pee into a pot in the same room as said Scottish virgin. That’s directly from the source material! Maybe I’m pee prude, but that seems like a lot for the sensibilities to handle.

Anyway, many thanks to you, Terry. Your work on the show, both what we can see in the costumes and what you are so generous to share with us here, behind the scenes (and any and all nagging of Ron behind-behind the scenes), is so beautiful.