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Ok, full disclosure, I actually followed you on Twitter today and saw that exchange. I’m only doing a little light stalking!

And it’s totally not pandering when I 100% agree with you about the books. Again, I’ve only read through Voyager, but Jamie and Claire could have planted their asses at Lallybroch in 1743 and lived in the not-yet-built priesthole talking about potato crops and looking at the sun set every once in a while, and I would have devoured that book — and seven more just like it. So yes, I am definitely drawn to the intimate moments, the daily minutiae, the calm between the storms.

I sometimes try to imagine how non-book-readers view the series. I could see how the early episodes could feel slow and maybe even overly complicated. I loved Rent, particularly the waulking scene. And I also loved The Wedding. I thought it did an excellent job of appeasing the book readers while getting the non-book-readers to the same understanding at the end — Claire is guilty about Frank but ultimately falls for Jamie. It was really masterful that way. In fact, I will say that there hasn’t been a single episode that disappointed me, but that’s perhaps more because I mostly like watching how the production has chosen to portray various scenes, while simultaneously zealously guarding the version that existed in my own head when I first read the words. If that makes any sense.