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[quote quote=5910]I would certainly never argue that we NEED to see Claire executing some postcoital clean-up or any other kind of hygiene maintenance in the show. I think Ron’s attitude, even about the much-discussed body hair, is right on. If it doesn’t directly impact or propel the story, it can go.

But I do think it’s funny, to return to my other comment, that Diana did clearly seem to think about a lot of these mundane aspects when writing the books — and about her readers’ curiosity about them. When I was reading the books, I absolutely did wonder how a modern woman would deal with some of the things we all have to deal with but stuck in the 18th century. I spent some time googling how 18th-century women dealt with their periods before realizing that most of them didn’t have many because they were pregnant or nursing most of the time. It’s just such a different era, and relating to Claire as a modern woman who is used to her hot baths and water from a tap makes the act of reading the books that much more immersive.

Anyway, I understand that that’s why the books are 900 pages long. :)

It is something I was fascinated with as well. I can’t count how many times I thought about cleaning teeth with twig, or the lack of toilet paper. I started growing medicinal herbs and was always slapping poultices on my family when any ailment struck.
And I am always on Ron to show as much of that as possible because that 900 page book is chock a block full of countless details. I think it is a HUGE part of the appeal to women. I think there are the Claire and Jamie relationship junkies, the Jamie junkies, and then those of us who are fascinated by Claire and the idea of being a modern woman dropped into the past. All those delicious details.
Just hard to fit 900 pages of story and dialogue into a television season.