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Outlander Costume Designer


Terry Dresbach

[quote quote=5908]one of the things i enjoy so much in these discussions is the insider info from you, terry, on how this miracle of a tv series is being made. thanks much!

Ron always says that we should throw back the curtain and invite people in. If they are a fan they want to know and to feel part of the process. That was a hard one for me, because I like to preserve the mystery. But the interest and passion from all of you has been amazing, and I love the interaction.
I guess that I want to shed light on the decision making process and what goes into the ‘why’ of what you do and don’t see. Often decisions are made that are not subjective choices but choices made out of very hard realities. Most often they are based in the very intricate craft of what to put on screen and what not to, in order to tell a story in the most effective and rewarding way possible. And sometimes it just comes down to how much you can fit into, in a very short hour.
I often argue for long loving shots on costume details, and Ron asks, “which part of the story should I toss out so we can do that?” You have to economize.