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[quote quote=5901]Funny. It’s not that I particularly want to see it. For me, it’s more about an acknowledgement, a choice perhaps, of what is or isn’t included in a scene.

I also find it interesting how we can start off discussing a topic (and I see this happen all the time on other forums) as a point of interest or inquiry which then becomes a critique of the show/episode. The article that started this conversation certainly raised a point that is often overlooked in general (and experienced by many, if the responses I’ve read are any indication) when it comes to sex and made for an interesting discussion. There are other shows on television that could make a nod to this (given what they are and how they are structured), and we never see that happen. In the context of discussing the female POV, I think this is a fair question.

Do I want to see Claire acknowledge this in The Wedding? Nope. :-)
Yes, context is everything. I think that in a show/movie about an adolescent going through puberty, I can imagine a writer doing a scene about popping pimples, that might be relevant to the story. But I do not have to see it just because it exists.
I don’t see a valid question as a criticism. I think any question is fair.
But as a filmmaker, I am going to share what goes into the process of deciding what does and doesn’t go onscreen. I know how much doesn’t because of time. A show like Outlander that has a voluminous amount of material, there is a lot that has to be edited out. Personal hygiene is probably going to be pretty high on the list.
The only thing that I know happened with much debate and discussion was the issue of body hair. There was a LOT of discussion over that. Eventually Ron said, let’s move on, this has nothing to do with the story. I wasn’t happy that I was the one standing up when the music stopped on that one, but that’s the way it goes sometimes.
Other than that, there has been no discussion of wether to show moments of hygiene. Mainly because there is so little time to tell a really big story.
Ron is regularly in the editing room trying to figure out how to shave seconds off the show, that is just how tight it is.