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Funny. It’s not that I particularly want to see it. For me, it’s more about an acknowledgement, a choice perhaps, of what is or isn’t included in a scene.

I also find it interesting how we can start off discussing a topic (and I see this happen all the time on other forums) as a point of interest or inquiry which then becomes a critique of the show/episode. The article that started this conversation certainly raised a point that is often overlooked in general (and experienced by many, if the responses I’ve read are any indication) when it comes to sex and made for an interesting discussion. There are other shows on television that could make a nod to this (given what they are and how they are structured), and we never see that happen. In the context of discussing the female POV, I think this is a fair question.

Do I want to see Claire acknowledge this in The Wedding? Nope. 🙂