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it just hit me – i wonder how many didn’t leak because their partners wore condoms, and they may have forgotten that. or are condoms worn rarely now because of other means of preventing pregnancy?


Interesting thought, but my husband and I haven’t used a condom since 2008 when there a few weeks when I didn’t have a Mirena. (And I miscalculated my fertile days and ended up with baby #3 in 2009! But no regrets there!)

If this really is an issue for most women, then pretty much every single movie and tv show out there gets it wrong. Which I’d fully believe – the entertainment industry isn’t keen, for the most part, on showing the nitty-gritty of day-to-day life.


It just isn’t part of telling a story. We don’t see people doing a lot of things onscreen. Shitting, pissing,flossing, popping pimples, menstruating. It isn’t a choice made out of squeamishness, but how does it help tell a story?? It is not in most books either. How many pages do we want a book to be, how much of our story time on-screen do we want to lose, showing every bit of real life, that we all as humans know exists. I think it would be tedious and distracting.