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Terry Dresbach

[quote quote=5890]Unless it’s a reality show, the day-to-day ups and downs, ins and outs aren’t a necessary part of the quotient. And even in a reality show, I could do without . After all, it all about the suspension of disbelief anyway, since we have travelled to the 18th Century. So why involve salient points of everyday banality? We live that already. I, for one, don’t need it included into every script and scene. Let them have their roll in the hay sans close-ups on what might be, could happen, didn’t show, and we don’t need. I want to wallow in this fantasy, with no need to shave my legs just to watch eps 9-16. Me and my glass of whatever are happy planted firmly in fantasyland, happy in the knowledge that Angus might not brush his teeth as often as his Mother would want him to.[/quote]

I want to add in once again, that this is a drama, it is a work of fiction, it is not a documentary. We will probably never see someone defecate on camera either, or many of the other daily routines of human life, because it does not serve the story. I know that there has been a tremendous discussion about how authentic the costumes are, as an example of what I am talking about. We have tried to be as “authentic as possible”, but sometimes me chose things that look of feel right, or that serve the story or our characters, that may not be 100% right. i.e. the knit bits.
My answer again, is, this is not a documentary.
I argued for Claire to have hair on her body, but the lack thereof does not destroy my enjoyment of the story, nor does her lack of wiping herself after sex (something I have never felt the need to do) impair amy ability to watch and take in what these characters are experiencing. That is not how I watch film or television.
I have to acknowledge that at some point there is a line crossed where an inattention to accuracy does just overwhelm the story. I can’t watch very many period dramas on television, because the costumes are so distracting in how contemporary they are. And I have to say that it often has to do with the skill of the designer. I thought Anna Karenina was absolutely brilliant, and they passed off designs that were from the 50’s, but they FELT authentic to the piece. It is all a very fine line and it takes a lot of skill to navigate.
I am not saying anyone is right or wrong here, art is subjective, but I am trying to explain the intention of the film makers and what we are all trying to make, and what we are not.