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In general, I think the more open, the better, about almost anything. Laplane, I hope you’re not feeling too uncomfortable.

Late to this convo due to work craziness but it was a great article and I am in agreement that the more open the better – that’s why I love this place.

I agree that Claire doing a quick wipe up after the first round and before going out of the room would have made more sense but I don’t have a problem with her going right from the sex to going down on Jamie. I have a feeling that may just be a matter of personal taste – no right or wrong answer to that.

I must be built weird, I have never had anything flooding out of me. Was puzzled that anyone was having a reaction to that. Could it be it is not the same for everyone?

I’m not a flooder, either. I’m also not opposed to continuing oral sex after things have already started.