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[quote quote=5890]Unless it’s a reality show, the day-to-day ups and downs, ins and outs aren’t a necessary part of the quotient. And even in a reality show, I could do without . After all, it all about the suspension of disbelief anyway, since we have travelled to the 18th Century. So why involve salient points of everyday banality? We live that already. I, for one, don’t need it included into every script and scene. Let them have their roll in the hay sans close-ups on what might be, could happen, didn’t show, and we don’t need. I want to wallow in this fantasy, with no need to shave my legs just to watch eps 9-16. Me and my glass of whatever are happy planted firmly in fantasyland, happy in the knowledge that Angus might not brush his teeth as often as his Mother would want him to.[/quote]

I absolutely hear you, and cheers to you & your glass of whatever 🙂 (mine will be a single malt). I find it refreshing to talk about the fact that I am leaky, so are others, meanwhile some aren’t (lucky gals!!). I also feel a little relief that I’m not the only one thinking these (frankly, hilarious) things & am a tad less anxious about my own experience. a reflection that I take way too much to heart/personally from The Screen, while knowing it’s not reality.

double cheers to ESCAPES and FANTASY. and women sharing real stuff. thank you.

also, oh, right, EWW, re:BJR, Susan. in that context, it’s absolutely TMI.