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[quote quote=5851]Just started watching BSG (again – when it first came on I couldn’t get into it but this time around I am liking it a lot.) Thanks to OL – otherwise I probably wouldn’t have bothered to go back to it.

Rachel – I agree about Claire. I think that in the worry to make Claire relatable to new tv viewers and keep her from being perceived as a heartless bitch who dropped her old husband like a hot potato for a new hot Scot, the pendulum was pushed a bit too far in the other direction. From the trailers for Part Deux os S1 it appears that is being addressed.

I can’t wait to see Claire pull the dirk on Jamie and later kick ass at Wentworth and beyond. That’s the Claire I love.
Nope, Ron does not think that way. He tells the story he wants to tell. He has never worried about making Claire relatable, and is actually beside himself happy with the way she is portrayed. So it is not being addresses in the S2 trailer, because it was never an issue.