Terry Dresbach

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To be clear, I never said I wanted her to go get the ewer and rags. (Though that rather did happen in a book I just read and it was rather endearing and nice, so it’s possible). It’s the walking out the door to go downstairs. Unless mediocre sex makes her deaf one would assume she could hear that there were men downstairs, yet she was really addled enough that she was about to walk down there 1) with just her shift on which is totally see-through and 2) with semen dripping down her leg. So it wasn’t that I wanted her to clean up, it was that I wanted her not to have walked out there, because, again, THAT’S NOT MY CLAIRE.

And I’ve given up on armpit hair. Though if Cait is gonna have a bikini wax I might flip a little (there is trimmed but unshaven pubic hair on Penny Dreadful, it IS POSSIBLE).