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[quote quote=5837]TODAY’S ew.com blog post was not quite so flattering. Don’t read that one. Stick to this one:


Tho’, seriously, if you can get Ron to answer this question I will…. crap I can’t think of what I’d do for you since I’m not in Scotland until July:

The human form Cylons were sort of slutty and they got around. Did not one human ever have sex not-face-to-face with a Cylon? I mean surely someone would have noticed the glowing spine. ; )


I love that both those pieces are in the same magazine. For the record I absolutely LOVED the ending to BSG, and a scroll through the comments backs me up.
I believe, I am about 75% sure on this one, that Ron did not want glowing spines, that was a SyFy thing.
I’ll check.