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[quote quote=3056]I just started season 4 of BSG. Love it! But it took me until well into season 2 before I thought about the fact that so many of the people in power (President, obviously, but also Kara and Boomer) were women. It just felt normal to me (I have a lot of strong women in my life) so I didn’t really notice at first.

But what I like even more about BSG is that no one in that world *comments* on the position of women. Because it’s just such the norm that there’s no need to discuss it. I can only hope to live in a world like that.

Though it would also be nice to include in our world to accept as normal that men can be vulnerable and affectionate and witty (not sidekick-witty). Maybe that’s one of the reason Jamie appeals to me as much as Claire – they both break a lot of gender stereotypes in positive ways.


I am just seeing this now. That is all Ron. If you watch Carnivale, you will see more of that approach and attitude, and maybe even more nuanced since he was very involved in casting. He insisted in women of all ages and all body types in roles that they would not normally be cast in. He is such an innate feminist.
So when you watch Outlander, and you see this women’s POV, this new and “feminist approach” to how women and women’s sexuality is portrayed on television, there is a man behind that approach. That is Ron, inside and out. I have never known another man who saw women the way he does. It is extraordinary.Those sex scenes, the way Claire is portrayed, that is Ron. I am not saying that no one else is involved. As the leader Ron hires people who will view things in a similar way and be able to carry out his vision. But it is his vision. Not taking anything from DG there, but the fact is that the Television writer who decided to pursue and do Outlander is a man, should not be overlooked by anyone. (not directed at you Katie, just a general observation)
I keep waiting for one of these press writers to give credit where credit is due.