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[quote quote=5712]Regarding Claire not caring about BJR at end of OL and obsessed in DIA. I have always read it as in OL she didn’t have a chance to care. She was told he was dead, there was nothing she could do about it. In that moment she “thinks” history can be changed and just rolls with it. Once she realizes that maybe history has “fixed points” (to use a Doctor Who expression) she does her best to be sure Frank’s line continues. Just to be safe. Once that’s set, she’s out. I have always thought she felt like it was the least she could do for him. Make sure he exists. Just my take on it. Not to mention if you get into the whole space/time paradox issue it could’ve been a form of self preservation. No Frank, no trip to Scotland, no stone, no Jamie. Oh this train of thought could go on for hours and I gotta go to bed.[/quote]

Good points (even though Claire’s insistence to keep BJR alives still bugs me, haha, but now I see it with a different perspective)! In DIA, Claire saw an opportunity to “control” the eventual fate/destiny of BJR and his descendents and ensuring that Frank exists, which as you mention was an opportunity that Claire didn’t seem to have in OL.

Love everyone’s perspectives about DIA. You’ve all already touched/discussed this, so I’m sorry for belabouring the point, but DIA is an interesting book in introducing one of the overarching themes of the series – whether one can change/control history and whether life is predestined. It shows up again later in the books with Roger’s internal reflection and debate about predestination (which I loooooove). He seems to be tool or a conduit for discussions about controlling one’s fate, etc.

And…as for Roger, I may get into trouble for this, but I had a REALLY hard time getting into him, especially in DIA. He was a neat new character and I understand the appeal, but I found him kinda annoying for some reason (maybe because I’m boring and wanted more of Claire’s POV). He didn’t grown on me until the later books.