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Connie and Rachely, you’re both so much more articulate than I, but as a first time post-er I’ll give it a go. Some of my favorite moments in DIA are actually the time Claire spends with Roger. I’ve always been drawn to the books because of Claire and how she sees and interacts with both the worlds she finds herself in. Bree’s immaturity and abrasiveness just doesn’t equate with Claire’s resilience and determination and it becomes annoying in short order. Her resemblance to Jamie always seemed superficial for the most part, as well. I appreciated her more in MOBY, but MOBY was so much about Claire and Jamie “being married” that her story really wasn’t the focus for me. Frank, ah Frank. I was always of two minds about Frank. He definitely got the shite end of the stick and deserved so much more credit than he got for standing by Claire, but he is after all, Frank and I could never reconcile his alleged unfaithfulness and Claire’s inability to love him
. Back to Terry’s initial question though, DIA for me was always more of a roller coaster of emotions than Outlander. How does a couple endure the highs and lows and maintain both their individuality and their togetherness? Everyone is prepping to endure the Wentworth scenes in 1B, but for me, the lead up to Culloden was much more heartrending due to the futility of the cause. Whether he was more heroic in real life or not, the Bonnie Prince is not a sympathetic character in DIA and the sacrifices made by so many, in the end didn’t justify the cost. It’ll also be interesting to me to see how the time shift is handled. In the books it is incredibly jarring. The “say what?” factor takes some adjusting to.