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Ok, I’m here…. you all can stop worrying now. Ahem.

Agree on many things – as Connie put it, I just don’t feel Claire in Bree. And Claire is the heart of these stories. Bree is just so…. meh. As the books traveled on, the only time I ever feel more interested in Bree is when she is talking about Frank – I love the tidbits dropped that indicate Frank KNOWS Bree will eventually go back to look for her real father. But I’m jumping forward…

Agree with Celtic – DiA is Master Raymond. I LOVED all things about him. I love the mysticism and magic that surrounds him. His healing of Claire is one of my favorite parts of the book – it awakens her in more ways than one. And, of course, it gives us another little Easter egg to ponder when we find out there are other travelers.

And agree, once again, about the Bonnie Prince Charlie hate. I wanted everyone, so badly, on the eve of Culloden to just say, “Fuck this!” and head home.

There was one part in DiA that really gives me pause about my own reaction to what I was reading. It was after Claire had lost Faith and Jamie ran south to jump on that ship. She was still recovering and very depressed. After a few months Jamie shows back up and is all, “Hey, let’s get back together.”
I don’t know why, but I wanted Claire to just flip around and give it to him, “I’m tired of this! I’m tired of this goose-chase, I’m tired of you disappearing. I’m going back to the stones, and going back home where they have hot water and indoor plumbing.”

And I like Jamie – I love him. But I was so tired of his shenanigans by this time….

I don’t love DiA – I know I’ve said it here before, but it wasn’t until the Frasers moved to America that I really started to identify with this series. Paris is drawn out – I think Fergus is important, Master Raymond is important, Mary Hawkins and her eventual hooking up with BJR’s brother is important, but other than that…?
Although I’m very excited to see L’Hopital de Angels (I think that’s how you spell it).

Oh, and it’s our first glimpse of Lord John Grey. And sweet mother of all things, I LOVE ME SOME LJG.