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Okay, virgin post here. First time I have managed to both remember my password and how WordPress works. For most of DIA, I had two sort of problem areas. I didn’t feel any empathy for Bonnie Prince Charlie or care about that struggle at all, which I should if it were to be a true tragedy. I cared more for Claire and Jamie getting out unscathed, but I felt like there was relevant history there that I just didn’t connect to for worry about them.

As far as characterization, I felt very divided from Brianna, and that in turn affected how I felt about Claire. I was told more so than shown how loveable she was, and maybe that was a facet of her cleaving so hard to Frank. Their goodbye was poignant, but it felt sprung on me. Brianna felt (and still feels, to some extent) like a child of her fathers, and not so much her mother.

Also as WoC, the racism hit me hard, because I loved Frank. Not because I didn’t expect it, but because he was the only character that expressed it and seemed to come out of left field, and that was a gut punch that I am all-too familiar with in real life. I felt like some subtle clues like a dirty look or something would help build up to it. Mad Men did a really good job I think, with this topic, in that it was the little things.

Anyway, those are my nitpicks. Obligatory “Thank you so much for making my favorite books into my favorite show.” Excited to contribute.