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Reply To: Other books!


Just read Sex & Violence by Carrie Mesrobian

It’s YA, and interestingly written in a male POV. I have no idea how realistic a boy-POV novel written by a woman is, but it was really interesting–especially for someone who almost always reads female-POV books.

Anyway, 5 cent synopsis: Evan is a 17 year old with dead mother and distant father, goes from school to school to boarding school to school, likes sex (he goes down on girls people!), likes girls, not fond of monogamy or relationships, gets the shit kicked out of him, dad takes him to small-town Minnesota to heal and go to therapy, he learns about life, about girls, about people, himself.

It sounds totally typical but was seriously interesting and engaging and moving.

Would not recommend for anyone with a teenage boy-child whom they think isn’t thinking about, or having, sex all the time. (Having known a few teenage boys in my life, and having been Evan’s Girl Who Would Say Yes he seems pretty typical for the boys I knew 20 years ago)