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Someone on the original thread mentioned a sex scene from “Deadwood,” in which Alma Garret had an arm behind her head displaying her armpit hair. I remember seeing that and noting the armpit hair. I admired the historical accuracy of it, but I have to say it’s THE thing I remember about the scene — not the dialogue, not the bonding between her and Seth Bullock. I remembered the darn armpit hair. I wasn’t offended or disgusted by the armpit hair, it just pulled my focus and made the scene about armpit hair. (And yes, I’m deliberately using the term “armpit hair” over and over.)

And maybe that’s me with my Western sensibilities and all, the fact that I’m not used to seeing female armpit on television or in real life. Being half-Italian, I’m a hairy creature myself.

In “The Wedding,” I did take note that Claire lacked armpit hair, but it was just a passing thought. I wonder if it would have pulled me out of the scene in the same way it had for me during the “Deadwood” scene. Because here I am, years later, remembering “Deadwood” and Alma Garret’s armpit hair.

Claire’s lack of armpit hair didn’t attract my notice as much as Jamie’s near lack of any body hair. I shrugged it off as Hollywood. I guess I’m just glad the scene wasn’t about armpit hair.

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