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[quote quote=5229]Barb, I, too, hope that the show will include much of the humorous exchanges between Jamie and Claire. Those were some of the parts that rang truest to me because I was so reminded of all the great laughs my husband and I have had over so many years. And yes, it’s great for breaking tension :)[/quote]

If my husband and I couldn’t laugh at each other I doubt we would ever had made it together for all of these years.

I think the whole issue may be the push/pull between a plot based story versus a character based one. I most definitely fall on the side of character. The thing is that in a visual medium plot is easier to get across – action and drama – where character can be perceived as slower and boring by some. The Outlander books are definitely character driven with plot used to further the characters development and interactions. The show has to find a way to keep the essential character focus especially on Claire and Jamie while still moving the plot so as to satisy so many viewers desire for non-stop action and drama. Not an easy task.