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[quote quote=5266]I think the easy availability of porn argument is a red herring.

I doubt there was a lot of readily available porn 5700 years ago but the Hebrew Bible manages to cram a of rapes and gang rapes and incest in its pages

I think people often use the porn argument to feel better about themselves.

Porn to me isn’t the issue. The real issue is the prevalence in the “respectable” media of women as sex objects. It’s everywhere. Women’s bodies are used to sell everything from beer to cars to video games. Graphic novels which are read by many adolescent boys mostly portray women with Barbie doll proportions, and don’t let’s talk about the costumes female superheroes wear as compared to thsoe the males are given. Ditto for female video game characters. Fashions sold to teenage girls are what my daughter in her teen age years called “slut wear” (she refused to shop in the major stores catering to her age group and instead found alternative sources of clothing that wouldn’t in her words “show everything she had and then some when she walked up the stairs at her high school). A friend of hers recently commented to me that she thought it a sad commentary on our society that the amazing feat of landing on a comet got less press space than Kim Kardashian’s (substitute any similar female media figure name) latest escapades.

The sad thing to me is the increasing trend of doing something similar to men (i.e. our discussions on the objectification of Sam thread). That to me is the exact wrong response.

I’ts easy to blame the media but they do what makes money and clearly, sex sells. Until we stand up and start calling them on it it’s not going to change. The Rolling Stone article and the conversations it is generating are moving in the right direction but we need to be sure that they don’t follow the normal media trend of an immediate reaction that then dies down in favor of the newest flavor of the day scandal or outrage.

I am heartened by the fact that each time something outrageous like this hits the press there is a strong reaction and more and more outcry by women about it. In the lat year I have seen the “Yes All Women” campaign on Twitter in response to sexual harrassment of women fans at comic and pop culture conventions, the strong response (both female and some males with strong voices in the community) to the Gamergate harassment campaign of women on Twitter, and now this article and social media responses to it.
These are good signs that women are finding their voices and raising them against these behaviors and each one seems to build on the last.

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