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Reply To: Thread of RAGE


Ah, yes. I read the comments to this article and quickly realized that Cohen was a less than perfect vehicle to be making this point, but I find it a valid point regardless of the messenger. I firmly believe that men have to call each other out on this, loudly, in all sorts of ways.

It’s not enough for it to just be women’s voices, or men wringing their hands about how wrong and awful it is. I think there needs to be strong male voices and role models speaking to each other about it, shaming them in the public square, so to speak. They need to be screaming about this just as loud as we are.

(I will say that I did find myself annoyed with Cohen and his reference to 1950s era real men, as if rape and assault didn’t go on then. Sigh.)

Thanks for sharing the link — I just keep getting more educated on this subject every day — just when I think I’ve got it figured out, along comes another compelling POV.