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Reply To: News: Another Outlander book!


I think I’m part of the minority that has enjoyed the storyline of Lord John Grey and B&R as much, if not more at times, as the Jamie and Claire storyline. The suspense of MOBY in regards to what was happening with Jem really kept my attention. I’d not go so far as saying it was my personal favorite of the series, because I think that honor resides with DIA, no Echo, maybe Breath of Snow and Ashes. Ok, I can’t pick a favorite.

I can understand the desire to get back to the J&C storyline in MOBY, because once it transitioned back, all I could do was wonder what happened to B&R…though in retrospect it makes sense that she didn’t keep bouncing back and forth as quickly as she’d done in past books. It really set the stage for the final chapter of the book, and the cliff she left us hanging onto.

[quote quote=5204] Anyway, to me Outlander isn’t just about C&J but about all their family and friends as well. Most of the other characters have warped their way into my heart and I was thrilled to be able to see part of their lives as well. So I for one am looking forward to book 9. [/quote]

/woot…I’m not alone!

I think my strange obsession with extended universe fanfiction as a teenager paved the way for me to prefer stories that include large groups of people with very detailed histories. I tend to read series at least 4 times in a row, back to back, in an effort to drain every spec of information that I can. I haven’t been able to read a solitary novel in about 5 years, except for required reading for College classes.