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I love that a thread on Hair resulted in these varied discussions. You all are amazing. 🙂

[quote quote=5208] So I decided to follow your thread, and you open with nipple hair! I sputtered coffee all over my keyboard:) [/quote]

I’m glad I’m not the only one that attempted to paint their pc with drink. Lapsang Souchong doesn’t go well with HP technology. I’ll never all of that out of the keyboard.

I’m also glad I’m not the only one that is growing into that stage of womanhood where random hairs appear from thin air. Overnight…really…inch long clear hair on my forehead, the very middle of my forehead? Biology, what have I done to you? I’m blaming the Scottish blood, because that didn’t come from the Cherokee. Ironically that whole nipple hair thing worked in reverse. As a teenager I had the 3 random nip hairs…that have disappeared as I got older. OMG they migrated to my forehead!

[quote quote=5211]This is probably beyond the scope of hair, but I think it already has moved beyond Claire as the strong woman. Hopefully it will move back in that direction, but it feels to me like it has become all about Sam and Jamie and Claire has fallen to the side. I have hopes this will right itself in the second half of the season (wolves! cows! witchcraft!) armpit hair or no.

Okay, ONE of the reasons that the armpit hair thing bugs me is that DG’s books are so olfactory, and everyone is always commenting about how other people smell–Claire and Jamie especially about each other, and part of that is the decidedly singular smell of armpits. (If it’s not how male Jamie smells its that someone has eaten onions…some day I’ll count the times that gets mentioned!)

(Also, I should put out there that I shave my pits, so it’s not like I’m on some sort of anti-shaving bent.)

ETA: also, I realize that this is my weird bent, and that since we don’t have smell-o-vision it doesn’t really matter (though my husband did once examine a patent for smell-o-vision. he rejected it.)

I’m also of the mind that the lack of body hair bugs me. I enjoyed the series because it was accurate on a visceral level. You can just smell the environments that DG talks about. Take for instance the biology of arousal being tied to pheromone production, and the location of most pheromones are in body hair. It’s raw, it’s visceral, and it’s realistic. The odds are good that by todays standards, Jamie just smelled bad, Claire also, but that is a huge part of the story for me. It’s not a modern whitewash of the realities of 18th century life, it’s dirty, it’s hard, it’s smelly and sometimes just plain disgusting.

I’d also love to have representation for women who don’t shave. It’d be amazing to see someone in this setting, own it. I don’t think it’ll happen, and I agree that the media/fans would have a field day with it. There is such a stigma in society around body hair, which I personally find idiotic. You constantly hear people preaching that certain acts and conditions aren’t “natural” but many of these same people think body hair isn’t “natural”. It’s makes my head hurt. I don’t shave, it’s a recent thing on my part because it took me years to get over the stigma of having body hair. I no longer care what others think on the matter, but it helps that I’m surrounded by people who keep body hair, unashamedly.

[quote quote=5220]
Back in college I was very down with letting my leg hair grow and my pit hair too. At some point I started removing it again. I think having Claire with oxter hair would be pushing that envelope too far–but more so for Americans than Europeans.

I agree with the American vs the world perspective. Most of my non-shaving friends are European. When I told them about being stigmatized for choosing to stop shaving, they were shocked by that.