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[quote quote=5203]I think I’ll add a dissenting voice (based on the voices in the other thread) to say that I’m kinda glad Cait isn’t sporting oxter hair in the show.

That said, here’s my reasoning for not being upset by the lack of body hair on Cait in the show.

1) While it might be more authentic, it’s really not important to the story. Yes, the discussion of waxing and body hair in DIA is quite funny and touching, but it won’t affect the overall story if it’s not included. I’d personally rather see that scene get left to the books than cut into time given to scenes that are critical to the storyline, including Claire’s descent into PPD after the miscarriage.


Hi Katie;

You make valid points about women and body hair and if by society you mean the media would use body hair as a way to overshadow the really important qualities of Claire you may be right. But my guess is that the media writers who would do that are probably not going to emphasize the things we love about Claire anyway. Most Outlander readers and viewers seem to be intelligent women who more likely than not would embrace the accuracy and even appreciate it as another way Outlander subverts the ideas of the so called ideal woman as our society has defined her.

I do disagree about the DIA scene (or other scenes in the same tone ) and the idea that they are not relevant to moving the story along.

So far in the series we have seen only a little of the humor that definitely exists between the our two protagonists. Most of the show’s humor has so far been given to Angus/Rupert and the other supporting characters.

The choice for Jamie and Claire seems to always fall on the side of cutting the humor as opposed to cutting the drama. That’s okay to an extent, but at the same time I worry that by cutting so much of the humor between Claire and Jamie in order to keep their perceived more “important” dramatic scenes the show could run the risk of neglecting an important part of their relationship. There are a lot of dark/angsty scenes in the books but Diana consistently balances them out with humor. Claire and Jamie are two strongminded and stubborn characters who aren’t afraid to use laughter to relieve tension and anger as they struggle to come to terms with each other and forge a relationship.(A DIA scene that does that wonderfully is when Jamie comes home from the brothel reeking of perfume and with some suspicious marks on his body.)

Personally I believe both the humor and drama are important and should be included but becaue of time constraints that could be at the expense of some screentime for some of the supporting characters. I could live with that because I really want to see the full development of Claire and Jamie’s relationship – the light side as well as the serious one, because to me that is what makes theirs such a well rounded and thus lasting relationship and makes it ring true to life for me.