Terry Dresbach

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Oh, and responding late again to the question of when did we first read OL and where were we in our lives? I had not read the books until the Starz series started. I’m 60. I related to an awful lot of the book and esp the portrait of a long and happy marriage. I sure wouldn’t have related to that if I’d read the books when they first came out. At that point I would have been 10 years married.

I was on the CompuServe forums when I heard that one of the members over in the Lit Forum had written a book and it was going to be published 🙂

And yes, I am a sucker for anything Celtic as long as it’s not kitschy. My great grandfather and great-grandmother came over from Ireland as young marrieds in the 1890s. Patrick Leo Dolan was 6’6″ with red hair and blue eyes 😉 His oldest child was my grand-da, who was 6’3″ with red hair and blue eyes. He was my favorite male relative–so soft-spoken and gentle and yet with a twinkle in his eye.