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This is probably beyond the scope of hair, but I think it already has moved beyond Claire as the strong woman. Hopefully it will move back in that direction, but it feels to me like it has become all about Sam and Jamie and Claire has fallen to the side. I have hopes this will right itself in the second half of the season (wolves! cows! witchcraft!) armpit hair or no.

Okay, ONE of the reasons that the armpit hair thing bugs me is that DG’s books are so olfactory, and everyone is always commenting about how other people smell–Claire and Jamie especially about each other, and part of that is the decidedly singular smell of armpits. (If it’s not how male Jamie smells its that someone has eaten onions…some day I’ll count the times that gets mentioned!)

(Also, I should put out there that I shave my pits, so it’s not like I’m on some sort of anti-shaving bent.)

ETA: also, I realize that this is my weird bent, and that since we don’t have smell-o-vision it doesn’t really matter (though my husband did once examine a patent for smell-o-vision. he rejected it.)

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