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Reply To: Thread of RAGE


[quote quote=5143]You also can’t ignore the big elephant in the room: MONEY.

The universities make money off the Greeks. The Greeks provide the ‘fun’ part of college life that people have come to expect; the more people who live in frats/sororities the less housing the universities have to provide; Greek alum tend to give more money to the universities, etc, etc

And, at Brown U for example, to have a party a frat had to get a state liquor license (so the state made money on fees); they had to buy alcohol at a state-owned packie; the hospitals made money every time someone got alcohol poisoning; the city made money giving parking tickets. So beyond the university other interested parties were making money…

I mentioned money earlier…. IMO, the money issue is a very big one. But even in a bigger dose than the one you mentioned. I think the frat boys, frat culture has been protected for so many years because their parents are the biggest donators to the university, football games, scholarships, etc. From the POV of the college – you can’t bite the hand that feeds you. So they will continue (hopefully not after this?) to sweep claims and allegations against the frat boys under the rug.