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Reply To: Thread of RAGE


I saw this comment in response to an op-ed piece in the NYT — good to know there are others (of course) asking the same questions we are — may our voices grow loud and persistent!

“I work in the emergency room at UVA Hospital so I see a lot of violence, suffering, and tension up close. The Rolling Stone article focuses on sexual assault, but rape is presented as a subtext to the nature of privilege, power, entitlement, and social hierarchies. Rape is an act of power – not an expression of sexual need gone awry. That is why men are raped in prison settings; to achieve a line of authority. The questions that need addressing are: how is power distributed in our culture? Who gets to feel safe and who vulnerable? What mechanisms exist to level the dynamics of power relationships in our work, social, and political lives? Charlottesville is in the South where the tensions between class, race, and privilege are both stark and, as the article states, silent. The article and the brave victim will add to a badly needed out loud conversation. It already has.”