Terry Dresbach

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Reply To: Thread of RAGE


I have many angry questions and many probably unpopular ideas this morning:

Why do we treat rape as less than a crime than murder? Why aren’t college administrators mandatory reporters? why does the woman have to ‘press charges’ the way domestic violence used to be? It is in the STATE’S INTEREST to prosecute criminals.

I understand that we have some deep seeded feelings that we must ‘protect’ rape victims and only do what ‘they feel comfortable’ doing, but I am starting to angrily disagree with this (and I’ve BEEN raped, and didn’t do anything legal about it). Women are not precious little flowers who are all about emotions and feelings that need to be protected, we need to fucking STAND UP and say THIS ILLEGAL ACT WAS DONE TO ME and it is wrong, and the State is obligated to protect me. It is a CRIME.

Rape is never going to go away, it’s been here forever, it will always be here. But we can take away the shame and treat it as the crime it is. Because sometimes I look at how we view rape and I wonder if women weren’t better off when we were property–because then someone might DO something to protect their property.