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Reply To: Thread of RAGE


Here’s the first part of that letter from “anonymous” students, followed by the demands I posted above:

Full Text of the Letter:

“We wish that the recent Rolling Stone article regarding the culture of rape in the University’s Greek system had come as a shock. Unfortunately, as students, we are all too familiar with the rape and assault that is ubiquitous on Rugby Road. We have been assaulted, our friends have been assaulted, and the University––students and administrators alike––continue to minimize the problem. The administration has consistently failed to take the drastic steps that are necessary to halt the epidemic, and the students go about their lives complacently, tolerating the abuse. Rapists go unpunished and wander our campus––our campus, where they haunt their victims and even openly mock them. We are fed up with it. We applaud the bravery of those who have shared their stories, and we promise that their bravery will not be in vain. This situation is just beginning. We will escalate and we will provoke until justice is achieved for the countless victims of rampant sexual violence at this University and around the nation.”

(Me here) I don’t know if you realize that this Rolling Stone article comes on the heels of a second year student who was abducted and murdered (her body found 5 weeks ago) in October (my daughter went to high school with her). The man who is in custody and charged had been accused of attempted rape (several, I believe) on a different college campus several years ago. I hope this is the tipping point for UVA — we’ll see.