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Reply To: Thread of RAGE


Yes, I’m in Virginia. 🙂

The posts on the parent’s page have been a real mix of “we’re horrified” and “off with their heads” and “yes but, UVA has been great for my kid and we still love the school” you know, making it about them (the parents) and their choices rather than this specific issue. Most of the posts are from women, some with sons at the school who are also very upset, and there are a few men criticizing the administration, but I haven’t seen any posts speaking to this issue in the way we are here. Someone just posted a link to a self-published ebook from a women who was gang raped by members of this same fraternity in 2011. Ugh. Disgraceful. People should be fired — fraternity should be shut down. The fact that I don’t feel confident that this will happen=rape culture alive and well.