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[quote quote=5027]As I said, we did sort this issue out about 30 years ago. What the hell has happened since then?? We’re going backwards in so many ways. I have a husband (of 33 years standing) and a son,26, who just graduated Northwestern Law school. Both are feminists and unapologetic liberals, as am I and my 31 year old daughter. We don’t know anyone who wouldn’t be outraged by this. This is not moral rocket science. This is not a moral grey area. I’m feeling quite bewildered right now, I have to say. [/quote]

We are almost twins! My son graduated Washington U law school 3 years ago and my daughter is 31 and a film maker/writer in LA. My husband is definitely a feminist and a progressive and I will be 60 in December.
I think we thought we had it fixed and were on the right track 30 years ago, but the establishment is so well entrenched they just sat back and waited for us to stop paying attention, all the while working to buy out the media and our politicians and get things back to the way they wanted them to be.
I know I was involved with a career and a family and I just stopped paying attention until the last few years when I woke up and saw what was happening in our country. Now I wish I had paid attention all along.