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[quote quote=5002]Oh Barb, thank you for your (rageful!) intelligent response. I’m in agreement with you 100%. And while I’m not blaming these twenty-year-olds (actually some of these boys in this article were Senior students) I am questioning WHY they’re not questioning, you know? I suppose the answer is somewhat as you point out, a result of our current culture.

Rant on — our collective rage helps me to take a firmer stand and better express myself to both my daughter and others who will listen.

I’m tired of the crap, too . . .

Oh Ok I thought you were talking about the so called friends of Jackie who talked her out of reporting the rape. They were first years. I fully agree that by their senior year in college students should have matured enough to not accept something so blatantly wrong. But if the adults in charge look the other way and dismiss it what can we expect?

This has me so angry I am having a hard time concentrating on work today. And then thinking that UVA is only one school of many where this goes on am I sure makes it even worse.