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From an interview with the author of the Rolling Stone article:

“Part of the reason why I chose it (UVa) was because I felt like it was a school that was very representative of sexual assault culture,” Erdely said. “Even though the situation that I discovered there was very disturbing–what’s really disturbing is that it is no worse than any other school. That if anything, it’s really the norm.”

Erdely said one of the most alarming things she learned by doing the story was the attitude towards sexual assault on UVa grounds.

“They treat it as sort of a ‘party-foul’ and they don’t really take it all that seriously,” Erdely said. “So the same person that I said I focused on, she says that she is the victim of a gang-rape. And the reaction that she got from her fellow students when she confided in them–they either didn’t believe her, or they down-played the situation, or they basically told her to ‘get over it’ and snap-out of her depression and get back to the party culture…People are afraid that they are going to risk their reputations and therefore sort of their social lives if they come out as a rape victim.”

AND this is what baffles me.


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