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Reply To: Thread of RAGE


Thanks for the new thread Rachel, it was getting difficult to follow!

This is so incredibly disheartening. I agree, it definitely has to be a cultural issue, seeing women as sexual objects. As Susan wrote, not only is the act itself and the lack of response disheartening, but the complacency of bystanders. All women need to stand together in solidarity (PBU) to fight this culture and offer a vision of acceptance, respect, love and support. But, we also need men as allies in this fight. They also have and will feel the effects of this culture (I don’t think men – I’m generalizing – can reach their full potential if this culture continues.) They can become imprisoned by the expectations of their sex and gender. In this fight, I’m heartened to see men in my social/work circles, who before didn’t think much about violence against women, actually start to speak up against social and sexual expectations of women and violence against women.

It’s been a gradual evolution in our society’s mentality about these issues, but we need to pick it up a few notches! The fact that these stories are coming out in national/global publications, looking at these institutions with a critical lens, is something, but I feel like there needs to be a greater movement (both at the grassroots and top levels).

I’ve been thinking about whether things are getting worse or if we’re just hearing about it more as more individuals come forward. I’m not too sure if it’s either/or.