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[quote quote=5010]Um, I DO blame the 20 year old boys. I most certainly do. Not to do so, is kind of insulting to the rest of the 20 year old boys who wouldn’t *think of doing something so completely morally depraved. Seriously. My son is 26, and neither he nor any of his friends would ever think this was ok–on the contrary, they would feel just as angry and outraged as we all do. [/quote]

Julia, in this article some of the boys were even older. As I said before, I’m a little dumbfounded by the lack of response — are we still just slaves to the evolutionary fear of being socially ostracized? Do we not have enough examples in our culture (or on our campuses) about what it means to be a good man? I know well some of the boys my daughter goes to school with, well educated, intelligent boys — would they just stand by? Some are. Why? And while I don’t “blame” them, I DO feel like they are old enough to know right from wrong, to take a stand. But it takes courage — the kind of courage to stand against others. Is that not realistic for this age group? If so, that makes me sad. And the young women should be screaming for zero tolerance — surely some of them have a voice to get the ball rolling. It’s despairing indeed. Sigh.

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