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Reply To: Thread of RAGE


My RAGING response to this article on campus rape moved over from other thread:

My daughter is a second-year student at UVA, and you sum it up pretty well for us — RAGE! I also find myself extremely disheartened by the lack of attention this article gives to the shameful complacency of these young men (and women) who are “bystanders”, surely some of them are outraged, where is the courage to speak out? The integrity to do what’s right? What the hell is wrong with them? How can they possibly think this is okay? How can any of them think this behavior is “normal” or should be ignored? THAT breaks my heart, too. Luckily, my girl is a pretty vocal modern-day feminist who has avoided the “Greek” scene like the plague, but she’s certainly learning a hard life lesson here and her disillusionment with both her peers and the university is difficult to watch. I hope the rage fuels her and others to bring about change. The UVA Parent Facebook page is going crazy with fury over the school’s response. Yes, RAGE sums it up for all of us.