Terry Dresbach

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I am about to reproduce the wedding dress. My daughter is a hostess at a restaurant where they wear 18th century costumes so I’m making it for her. I have to make a few changes – instead of silk for the sleeves and petticoat, I am using cotton voile so the garments can be washed. I will make the stomacher period correct so it can be removed when the garment is washed. I normally make Civil War dresses so I am very familiar with gauging and can easily reproduce the skirt. I’ll borrow a smocker from a friend and do the sleeves though the ones on the costume are not period correct – I have never seen examples of 18th century smocking. I would love to know why Terry didn’t do period correct sleeves – they could have been lovely made from the silver linen with beautiful lace cuffs. I might just gauge the sleeves to be more period correct. I just ordered several samples of linen for the dress and will see which one looks most similar to the original. I haven’t decided whether to reproduce the embroidery on the stomacher, petticoat and skirt or use appliques that are similar, although I found the flat silver ribbon on etsy. I can post pix once I assemble all the fabrics and trims. I am a pretty good seamstress and this dress isn’t all that difficult so I am optimistic about the result.