Terry Dresbach

Outlander Costume Designer

Reply To: On Objectification of Sam, et al


I think I may just be venting here, but wanted to share a recent experience (yesterday) that knocked me for a loop. I am going to attend the Thru The Stones event in Davenport, Iowa the first weekend in December. As such, I have been added to a closed group of the almost-400 people who are attending on FB. There has been discussion about asking respectful questions to Graham McTavish (he and DG will be speaking and signing books/whatever).

There are women who are just bursting at the seams at the thought of teasing him about grinding corn. This got my attention; while I feel it was a memorable and funny line it is HARDLY what I would want to waste precious few moments of conversation with the man over.

Then the group was advised to please not ask GT questions about what he wears or does not wear under his kilt. Again, I would expect that people not ask me if I am wearing underwear and I certainly am not interested whether someone else is.

These two things strike me as childish, though they are coming from middle-aged or older women. That is MY opinion, of course, but I can’t imagine that I would want to spend the minute or two that I get to speak to the man discussing meaningless blather like this.

But here is what really got me going. Two women in the group were asking if GM and DG would have photos of themselves to autograph and give away, as they did not have a printer that they could create their own photograph on for obtaining autographs. I private messaged each of them on FB and told them I would be glad to bring them a glossy, color, 8×10 of one of two photos; one was a full length photo of Graham dressed as Dougal in full Highlander regalia, and the other was a face shot of him wearing that wonderful grey bonnet of his. The one woman’s response to me, a total stranger to her up until that very moment in time, was to ask me if I could send her a photo taken from the underside, looking up GM’s kilt. She thought that was quite funny and … giggle giggle … said she was “just kidding”. I blew it off and told her I would not print anything unseemly. She then replied that she wanted some time to look around for an image to send me for printing that would be something she could tape over her bed, so she could see it while, well, use your imagination.

I honestly found this sickening and offensive, and on top of that I was completely shocked that she would assume it was OK to comment so suggestively to a complete and utter stranger.

I think that there are people who have different moral compasses and that may have to do with their very upbringing. It may also have to do with their being caught up in a tsunami of lewd reactions to the Outlander actors that is the result of “mob mentality”.

I’m not sure why I found it so vulgar, unseemly and immature … but I did. I have girlfriends who I share a bawdy sense of humor with, but that is earned through time, friendship and trust. I share no such intimacies of friendship with this woman and it bothered me … a lot … that she felt it was OK to enter into a dialogue like this with me.

Just as a follow up, since I’d already offered to print off the photo for her, I told her that in the interest of my own time at the event itself, that I was going to mail her the image that she chose, and that her ONLY choices were the two lovely portraits provided on the FB site. I have no interest in meeting the woman and hearing more about her image preferences.

Quite frankly, at this point all I have to say about the whole thing is, YUCK.