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Except Jamie would have spoken ‘Paris’ French, yes? And Claire would have spoken 20th century French.

And French speaking Canadians would have been speaking dialects from poorer areas (my husband’s family, the Beliveaus, came to Port-Royal from around Poitou in 1645) since they were peasants? Most of his family, at least, were illiterate well into the 19th century.

So my point would be that Canadian French would have been different from the 18th century French that Jamie and Claire would have spoken. I’m sure they would have understood each other, but the grammar/pronunciation would have already been different.

I want to live in Montreal when I grow up.

My funny Quebec story:

The first time I went to Montreal with my husband in… 1999? Maybe? We were at the border crossing in Maine and he turned to me and said “the answer is ‘yes, yes we are'”. I, of course, said “what is the question?”. He said “just wait and see”. Yup, the border guards on the answer was “yes, yes we are related to Jean Beliveau”